Monday, July 25, 2005

Great Pictures From Baldur's Gate II

Hey, it is 4 years already since I finished playing Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn. I find it very hard to find a game that is more interesting to play than this. It have many powerful spells which catch my attention. Time stop (stopping time to attack motionless enemies) and dragon's breath (attack a group of enemies using a devastating fire blow) are some the examples. Nowadays, most of the games produced is not on the par. In this new decade, many game developers put importance on the wrong side of the game. The wrong side that I mean is graphics. Too much emphasis is put on the game's graphics alone. In my opinion, a good game should have a good story line, original ideas, meaningful, promote creativity and give moral values to the players. Although, games like Pac-Man and Supermario are not as good looking compared to Unreal Tournament 2004 or Hitman, it has its own originality and meaningful while playing it. I am sure that you also remembered a game that bring meaningful game play compared to a game that have very good graphics but don't have good plot.

Another good game that worth to mention is Half Life. This is a very famous first person shooter game. Do you know why? The good thing is that the graphics is on the par and yet it does not require a powerful PC to play it. With just 32MB or RAM (Random Access Memory), you are able to play the game smoothly. This game is not like a normal first person shooter game where players only need to shoot at everything that moves (which is meaningless). Half Life test our IQ as this game need us to figure out how to get to the next level and to solve problems. Sometimes we need to hear properly what the scientist in the game said in order to solve a problem. For example, a scientist said "This creature have a good ear but blind". So, in order to kill this beast, we cannot make any sound that can be heard by the creature. Any shooting won't kill the beast. Only the nuclear beam can kill it. So, at that time I try to figure out how to get to that nuclear beam switch without being killed (the beast attack the sound source). Actually what the scientist means earlier is that we have to walk slowly without making sound to the switch. Normally in the game we just press the forward arrow key. In this case, we need to press shift + forward arrow key to walk.

Sad to say that now, game developers seem not to put much effort in creating a good plot in a game. In addition, most of the games produced nowadays using sophisticated 3D modeling software which do not promote creation of good algorithm to make the game smoother on low performance PC. Maybe games developer and PC manufacturer co-operate with each other to gain income from the public. Game developers produce higher requirement games so that the public need to upgrade their PC or change their PC in order to play the new game!


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