Sunday, August 14, 2005

Next Shopping Gadgets

Without even realise it, I have worked for about 3 months already. Being a software developer is simply not really cool. The job is typical boring unless you are a person who like to sit in front of computer for the whole day (10 hours). I still feel that life in university is better compared to working life. But we just cannot study in university for the whole life time. We have to earn money in order to live well.

My daily routine is basically the same during work days. Wake up early... go to work ... back from work ... bath ... dinner ... watch TV ... and sleep early. One thing amiss in my current job is lack of challenging project or interesting project to be done. Although I am working in a factory area, our IT department don't do much support, solve problems or provide solutions to the factory management. I think this is due to my IT department is a subsidiary company which make their own business and separate from other devisions/company within a group.

I like to watch TV at home. But my working life don't allow me to watch great TV series or movies. Fortunately, technology can help me by recording those movies I would miss. With it, I only need to set the TV programme time and channel in the TV scheduler software. In order to save energy, I would schedule my computer to shut down after recording a TV programme and set it to stand by mode before recording session begin.


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