Sunday, March 19, 2006

Hard Work & Determination

Congratulations to Esther Elizabeth Jack who obtained 15A1 in her SPM results. I was SPM top student in Raja Lumu for year 1999. I still can't believe that a school which always rank low among the secondary schools in Klang, able to produce a country's top student. This showed that student's own initiatives, hard work and determination plays an important roles in achieving good results no matter which school they attend. School and environment are not the main factor to produce top scorers. During my days, many parents not very willing to send their children to SMK Raja Lumu because according to them their children might not get good results if study in a low ranking and problematic school. But for me, this school is still good at providing the necessary education for me to continue my study to degree level. Furthermore, this school have dedicated teachers who are willing to help. Student attitude is important. When they don't know something or not sure about something, they should ask and not just keep quiet.

This article also published in The Star citizen blog dated 17 March 2006.


  1. agree. even the number one school in malaysia will has students who actively breaking school rules. breaking rules is also one of my hobby. haha



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