Monday, December 31, 2007

Busy Vs Productive

Want to know the differences between busy & productive? Here it is.


Rolls their own
Uses someone else’s

Makes it “elegant” and “extensible”
Makes it work

Responds to your email within a few minutes
Responds to your email within a few days

Ready. Aim. Aim. Aim.
Ready. Fire. Aim.

Makes the boss happy
Makes the client happy

Seeks consensus Encourages
creative self-expression

Writes a detailed specification
Implements a prototype

Looks like they’re busy
Looks like they’re slacking off

Finishes it this evening
Finishes it tomorrow

What else can we add?
What else can we remove?

How should we fix this?
Do we need to fix this?

Sees the toolchain as a competitive advantage
Sees the user-kickassness as a competitive advantage

Let’s get everyone’s feedback on this


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