Monday, December 31, 2007

Face Green Green

I found this Teochew song so funny. Its relates much to most people' lives.

MING CHE CHE (Face Green Green) (sing to the tune of Jambalaya)

Cui yah kare, tiang yah kare, gas yah kee kare
(Water also rises, electricity also rises, gas also rises in prices)

Tng yah kare, yam yah kare, bee yah kee kare
(Sugar also rises, salt also rises, rice also rises)

Taxi kare, bus kare, chu suay kee kare
(Taxi also rises, bus rises, house rental rises)

Nyor nyor kare, kare kah wa ming che che
(Everything rises, rises until my face green green)

Tsor coolie, puar si nang-ah, kang chnee boh kare
(Be a coolie, fatal fall, salary no rise)

Wee tiok chnee, chor mare kang-ah, pniar kah phua pnare
(Bcoz of money, work night shift, strive until fall sick)

Sim woo pnare, tnoi low koon-ah, yiok yah kee kare
(Heart is sick, see doctor, medicine price also rises)

Wee leow kare, pniar che miar, ming che che.
(Bcoz of family, strive one's fragile life until face green green)

Repeat *


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