Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Gathering at Mid Valley

Its new year today. So I planned to meet up & catch up with each other. Among invited include hostel mates, room mate & course mate. All mates!!!

After walking & chatting for quite a while, we went to try ice cream at Haagen Dazs. This ice cream outlet is indeed have a wide selection of ice cream. There are around 20-25 varieties to choose from & to mixed together. They also offered two alcoholic flavours: rum raisin & tiramisu. We all ordered the two scoops & two toppings each. I judge this dessert as expensive as inclusive of tax, it cost RM23. However, the taste is good & still fullfil the what you pay is what you get concept.

Haagen Dazs
Taste: 8/10 (Good)
Price: 3/10 (Expensive)

After having a nice ice-cream, we have a walk in The Gardens. The Gradens houses many international fashion brands & is designed for high-end shoppers. The decoration is quite different from other shopping malls. In the photo below, they use the stars & projector concept. Currently they project the Gardens on the screen. I think they will use this for advertisement in the future.


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