Sunday, February 10, 2008

Little Genting (KL View From Pandan Indah)

I captured a few photos from a place known as "Little Genting". We can have a nice view of KL from this place. This place is Taman Bukit Permai near Pandan Indah (near Qing Ying place). The photos taken is blur as the weather is a bit hazy.
Road leading to top hill to have a nice KL view.
You can clearly see KLCC & KL Tower from here.
Taman Bukit Permai apartment.
Another KL view from another angle.


  1. Hi!

    I was googling for a map to Little Genting and I noticed that you've been there. May I know how to get myself to that place from PJ SS2 area? If you don't mind. :) Thanks!

  2. Hi waiyee,
    I can give you some rough idea on how to go there but I can't provide the details as I not familiar with the place either.

    From your place in SS2, you can go there via Federal Highway. Drive your way to KL until you reach first roundabout. Take the 3 o'clock turn. Follow the Cheras sign board (Jalan Loke Yew). Then you can start heading to Pandan Indah. After that to Taman Bukit Permai. From there, you maybe ask someone for help eg: petrol station. Hope this help.



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