Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Simplicity's the result of deep thought

I found this article in News Strait Times quite interesting to read. As my blog title suggest, try to make everything as simple as possible.

The deeper our understanding of truth is, the simpler we become. When the mind is free from wasteful thinking and the intellect has stopped asking "how, why and what" and our nature is also free from pretensions, only then can truth be experienced and expressed.

In order to attain the truth, one needs a simple intellect and a plain nature. Simplicity enhances clarity of perception and frees us from seeking diversions. One can go to any of the so-called "hot" hangout places on a Saturday and be overwhelmed at the number of young boys & girls partying on the kerbs and sidewalks. We cannot easily satisfy the young of today. They are not interested in teh simple pleasures of life, such as going for a walk or being with the family. Their whole life is spent seeking pleasure through expensive habits.

Be simple and our world also becomes simple and beautiful. All resources, time, thoughts, ideas, knowledge, money and materials are valued as investments.

These days, wealth has overtaken the desire for simplicity, which affects the way people are towards each other.

When you are simple, you do not beat around the bush. Rather you create a life with direction and planning which has fulfillment and purpose.

When there is simplicity within me, the thoughts that cloud my perception begin to fade and I can see the situation clearly. then naturally the decisions that follow become accurate too.

Thought for reflection: Simplicity sharpens the power of perception.


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