Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Toilet Etiquette

There seems like many people still need to be reminded on the toilet etiquette. As working adults they should know it. Anyway, kudos to the department which introduce these interesting sign for education purposes.

Some people have to pull until nearly 10 pieces of paper just to rub dry their precious hands. For me, even one is enough to dry my hands even without shaking my hands. Some thinks they can use as much as they want as they are not paying for it. Do you think they did that at home? I don't think so. Save the environment, just use it when necessary & don't be wasteful.

Am the people suffer from osteoporosis or what until they are not able to bent to push the lever by hand. Kicking will make it spoilt & may cause others who use hand to operate it dirty.

Kindly stand close to the urinals. Don't need to show your XXX la. Not standing close enough may dirty the floor & makes awful smell.Always lift the plastic cover when pee using the sit toilet. Think about others & the disabled who need to use it.
You see. They need the extra fan to discard all the smells. Haha...


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