Thursday, May 1, 2008

Din Tai Fung Restaurant @ The Gardens Mid Valley

I have a lunch gathering today with my hostel mates in this restaurant since today is holiday and this is my comment.

Taste: 6/10(over all is just on the par).
Price: 3/10(expensive with 5% government tax + 10% service charge. Be prepared to fork out around RM35 per person if you want to be full on this place).

Restaurant name.

Chef is busy preparing the dishes. Same concept as Dragon-i.

La mien (hand made mee) with wanton.

shanghainese xiao long pao with soup inside. Not as good as Dragon-i version.

Plain la mien. Nothing to shout about.

Water melon juice.

Tofu with salted eggs & century eggs. Nice.

Another version of la mien with vegetables wanton.

Pork la mien.

Siew mai with prawn. Not that nice as the skin is too thick.


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