Wednesday, May 14, 2008

JCard Member Day @ Jusco Bukit Tinggi Klang

Jcard Member day is always being a being the best time for shoppers to look for bargains items. Most branded items having discounts of up to 70%. For me, clothes is the best items to buy during this time. This is my second time to visit this member day event after last year's event in Mid Valley. I am able to pick up a few office wear shirts and T-shirts this time. However, food items and electrical item don't have high discounts. Most electrical items only discount for around 5-15%.
Buyers should also beware of some items that is priced higher during this time eventhough after 50% discount. For example the cushion case that I have brought during chinese new year we priced at around RM50. But today, I saw that the same items is priced at RM109 and discount 50%. It will cost me more RM4 if I were not aware of the initial price.
So always being a smart consumer by comparing the prices & look at the quality whether the product is worth that amount of money that you pay. Some shirt may be cheap eg RM15-25 but the material used is low quality and you may 'see through' the shirt!

Broucher that Jusco sent to me.


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