Friday, May 2, 2008

John King Egg Tart

After having lunch at canteen, I feel like I need to buy something to eat for late afternoon. While browsing around Pavilion, I plan to try out this John King egg tart. Located in Food Republic in Pavilion, it sells chicken siu pau, lou poh peng and chicken pie. Besides normal egg tart, it also have durian flavoured egg tart & white egg tart which is healthier.

Taste: 8/10(nice-the crust is fluffy & goes well with soft fillings and not too sweet).
Price: 5/10(a bit pricy when compared to other shops).

I brought 1 box of tarts. Buy 6 free 1. I choose durian egg tart as free item.

This is how the egg tarts look like.


  1. I also tried this before at 1 Utama - It was quite good and no that much expensive I think, considering the location. That day they had free samples, so I tried all their varieties. I liked their durian egg tart the best.



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