Friday, May 23, 2008

Restaurant Pao Xiang @ Taman Berkeley, Klang

This bak kut teh restaurant is famous for its tied pork. Yes, the pork is tied by string then cooked in bak kut teh soup. They claimed this method can reduce fat/oil on the pork. It is situated on Lebuh Bangau in Taman Berkeley, Klang. The road is in opposite of the famous Klang Hokkien Association building. The service during order & pay is bad. The tauke soh is so slow.

Taste: 6/10(Tender and nice pork. Less fat compared to other bak kut teh stall. But the soup needs to be improved. The soup is lack the bak kut teh herbs taste. I think it is more to soy sauce pork meat).
Price: 7/10(Reasonable).

This is how the shop look like.

The types of meat selection for bak kut teh they have. I get both pictures from Ho Chak! video.


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