Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ichiban Boshi @ Pavilion,KL

Ichiban Boshi is located in the Food Republic in Pavilion,KL. The business in this Japanese restaurant is quite good as you have to make reservation if want to have lunch here. The interior design makes you feel like you are in a Japanese restaurant not like Sushi King. What's more is their sushi tastes better compared to other Japanese restaurant (Sushi King & Shogun). Another difference you will notice is that their food portion is large. Eating one ala carte dishes and you won't be able to stuff anything else into your tummy.

Taste:8/10(Good. Delicious sushi, tempura & good miso soup. The beef rice that I ordered is a bit dissapointing as the beef have hard tendon. Their tempura is crunchy and the prawn is fresh).
Price:3/10(Expensive. The price is around RM35 per pax but you will get your tummy full. The portion is quite big though and I think it is cheaper when compared to Sushi King).

This is how the restaurant look like.

Nice interior arrangement. Donno what is the large baskets for.

Green tea.

Chawan mushi.

Shell crab temaki. Its a type of California rolls.

Baby octopus.

Red ginger & wasabi.

Scallop sushi.

Teriyaki beef rice with miso soup.

Tempura seafood curry rice.

Sushi takeway bar. You can tapau home if you don't feel like sitting in the restaurant.


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