Thursday, August 7, 2008

Secret Recipe Oreo cheese cake

This cake is consist of frozen cream cheese with loads of crushed Oreo biscuits. My colleagues brought this cake to celebrate my birthday and another colleague which falls on the same month. One funny thing about this cake is that my colleague instruct the Secret Recipe staff to write "AH-BOON AH-CHUAN" on the cake. Then my another collegue dropped the cake and caused the cake writing to become "AH-BOON AH-CHUA" because the letter "N" sticked to the cake box. Then my colleague able to fix the cake writing after they showed me the cake. It supposed to be "AH-BON AH-CHUAN". That's why you can see that the cake letter "N" is not nice. Put back the "N" and throw one "O" out.

Taste:7/10(Moderate. The bottom of the cake contain the crushed Oreo biscuit which is crunchy. The cake is creamy and sticky with strong cheese flavour).
Price:5/10(Moderate. Weight around 1.4kg will set you back RM70).

Oreo chocolate cake.

p/s: Thank you everyone who brought me this cake for Bon and my birthday.


  1. I sms Happy Birthday to you but no reply one. so action!

  2. Thank you for your sms. However the date I received the sms, my birthday already past.



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