Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Dark Night

Oops... I think it is a bit too late for me to review this film. Its hard to get good seat for this movie though. However, this is a good movie and worth to watch. The Joker character is outstanding and might probably win the greatest villain. You will like this movie if you like "The Silence of The Lamb". Good dialog accompany with good facial expression, makes The Joker a great villain.

With just one year having passed after taking out Ra's Al Ghul's plan to have Gotham eliminated and the mysterious disappearance of Dr. Jonathan Crane AKA the Scarecrow, and after the city was nearly plundered with his toxins, Bruce Wayne and his vigilante alter-ego the Batman, continue the seemingly endless effort to bring order to Gotham, with the help of Lt. James Gordon and newly appointed District Attorney Harvey Dent. But a new threat has now emerged into the streets. The Dark Knight faces a rising psychopathic criminal called The Joker, whose eerie grin, laughter, and inhuman morality makes him as dangerous than what he has yet to unleash. It becomes an agenda to Batman to stop the mysterious Joker at all costs, knowing that both of them are in an opposite line. One has no method at all and seeks to see the world plunge into the fire he has yet to light. One represents the symbol of hope and uses his own shadow to bring the peace and order he has yet to accomplish doing. Review from

My Rating:9/10(You will feel suspense from second half of the movie for every minute you watch this movie. The Joker has many weird ideas of doing sinister. Exploding a hospital, poisoning a commisioner, kills judge's wife and telling great story about his life before killing his rival. Go to watch it in cinema while you still have chance!)


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