Friday, August 8, 2008

The Star Pilihan Bernas Contest

I am one of the winners of The Star Pilihan Bernas contest. Basically, you need to arrange the popularity of the listed types of rice. The participants which their arrangement those meets the majority selection, wins the contest. I collect the prizes from The Star office in Klang. This is what I get from the goodie box.

Cutlery set. Three sets of cutlery with 18-10 stainless steel.

Cutlery set, paper bag, umbrella & apron.

Two packets of fragrant rice.

p/s:Thank you Nicholas for your kind arrangement.


  1. wow. the price of one pack of rice is around RM40!!! your total price money should be around RM200

  2. I not sure how much is the cutlery set worth, but the fragrant rice is around RM50 now. The problem is that I prefer to have normal local rice coz my parents don't eat fragrant rice. Looks like I have to eat it.



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