Friday, September 26, 2008

Food Safety - China Milk

As a food blogger, it is quite disheartened to hear that people will do anything to make big profit even harming infants. Adding melamine into milk to boast protein output so that they can sold the milk at higher price. The melamine chemical inside infant formula milk powder is indeed serious and people will lose trust on the China product in the future. This is not the first time China faced with sub-standard product. In the past, there are formula milk without any trace of nutrient and toy produced contain high lead level. The Sanlu company is believed to have known the problem eight months ago but only take action after death occurs & thousands babies sick. They even hide the problem because of the Olympic games!

What actually blog my mind is that they (Sanlu company) blamed the supplier and the milk farmers. I think they should check and conduct testing on their supplies before processing it into milk powder or other products. If test showed positive, then they would have reject the supply anyway. In this case, they should admit that they also involved in this problem and take full responsibilities for it.

What makes me annoying is that millions litres of milk have to be wasted! Imagine if the milk is edible, it is able to feed the hunger of Africa.

Parent bring their children for health checkup to detect melamine presence.

Doctor doing examination on children.

Milk have to be wasted as it is tainted by melamine.

p/s: In the local scene, our food is not 100% safe either. My colleague actually saw a trader in pasar tani in Jalan Tengah, KL, fried 'kuih' such as 'cucur udang' with plastic bag! Fried together with plastic bag not only make them easier (don't need to take out the item one by one) but also maintain the 'kuih' crispiness for longer period.


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