Saturday, October 25, 2008

Heng Kee Bak Kut Teh @ Old Town, Petaling Jaya

Heng Kee bak kut teh served in the traditional way that is in bowls. The bak kut teh here is my favourite since I live in PJ when I was a little kid. Whenever there were good bak kut teh review or competitions, this stall will be in the list. The bak kut teh quality is still good as before and I really like their soup. The soup is lighter and you can taste the herbs in the brew. You can choose any combination of the meat offerings. Other non-meat offerings such as braised tofu pok, braised mushroom, vegetables & etoki mushroom. Raw garlic is also served and it goes well with the meats. This place is packed especially after 8pm. So, my suggestion is to come here before that time. Open from 5.30pm to 12am and closed on Mondays. This eating place is located in Old Town PJ near the Jalan Othman wet market. Address: 16, Jalan 1/10.

Taste:10/10(Excellent & delicious.The soup is nice not too thick and not too light.Meat is tender and soft.Crunchy fried cruller and best eaten after dipping into bak kut teh soup.Their tofu pok is different from others - soft & smooth.Great pork stomach - odourless, right texture and soft.This is indeed my best tasting bak kut teh so far).
Price:7/10(Moderate.Each bowl of bak kut teh is priced at RM7.50 for small, RM15 for large and RM23 for extra large.The small bowl can make one person feel full).


Busy preparing tasty bak kut teh.

Bak kut teh goes well with chili padi and garlic.

Soft and smooth tofu pok. You can't get this outside.

Crunchy crullers aka yaw char kwai or oil fried ghost!

Spare rib.

Yam yam... my favourite pork stomach.

Map on how you can get there.


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