Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hai Yew Hin (steamed buns) @ Tanjung Sepat, Selangor

Getting to this place from my place in Klang is quite far (66 km). I come to this place as I already in Banting at this time and I don't want to miss the famous steamed buns (pau) in Tanjung Sepat. According to my colleague, I must come here early (before 12) to get my pau, if not it will be brought by all the tourist from tour buses which pass by there. Somehow, it quite true though. Initially my mom buy four pau(s), but then decided to buy another two, only to find out that all the pau preferred by my mom sold out! It is just within 2-3 minutes.

Taste:9/10(Delicious. The pau does indeed different. The texture is more springy and preserved vegetable pau is new for me. It was good. No residue (flour) left on the table!).
Price:7/10(Moderate. Their pau price is on par with the ones in most places. This pau however is hand made though. That's what makes it different. A meat pau cost RM2.00, preserved vegetable at RM1.80 and red bean at RM1.10).


Look for this shop in Tanjung Sepat.

Each pau is prepared by hand. The texture is different from those prepared from machine made pau.

The pau looks shiny and yellowish. Most modern prepared pau looks white. Maybe something added to make it white. My mom once prepared pau and it just looks the same yellowish colour.

Meat pau and preserved vegetable pau.

Still looks nice after peeling the skin.

The best part is that there is no bun skin dropping of while eating it.

Now you know why their popularity is getting better... Introduced by Axian and Hong Kong 'fatty boy'.

So many reviews on this shop!

Opposite shop is for bulk purchase.

Eat the next day at home. Their red bean bun.

Preserved vegetable bun.

GPS/Coordinate: 2.661203, 101.559566
Address: No. 405, Jalan Pasar, 42800 Tanjung Sepat, Kuala Langat, Selangor Darul Ehsan.


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