Thursday, September 10, 2009

How often you eat at home?

I am a few of the lucky ones who can enjoy mom home cooked meal on weekdays. For me, no matter how good hawker food or outside food, mom cooking is still the best. Although it is just a normal stir-fry vegetables, steamed chicken or soup, I still can't get such dishes from outside. Besides being nutritious and full of wholesomeness, it helps me to save too. A whole chicken from the market only cost RM8 and it can be eaten for two days. While whole chicken from chicken rice shop already cost you RM16-20 per chicken.
Then looking at people who no longer stay with their family or had moms who have gone to the other side of the world, I realized that many people would still love for their moms cooking. For those who like to complain about their mom's cooking, be grateful and try to cook yourself. Now I share with you all the cooking for the past 2 months.

Fried rice.

Bean sprouts.

Steamed ladies finger. Nutritious and simple.

Steamed fish with garlic & mushroom. My mom will try to have meat & vegetables on one dishes.

Steamed chicken. Fresh and appetizing.

Stir fry green vegetables.

Lotus root soup boiled with red dates & pork rib.

White pomfret with green capsicum & salted black beans.

Sea weed soup with eggs.

Squid curry. This is what I suggested. Just dump everything into curry.

Stir fry green capsicum with pork.

Red bean soup with noodles. I not quite sure what does this bean called.

Large green pea, mushroom, eggs and chicken soup with noodles. Another example of mixing meat & vegetables to make it nutritious enough.

Another version of steamed fish promfet.

Canned baked beans.

Herbal soup.

Braised pork with roasted garlic.

Steamed promfet with spring onions.

Stir fry french bean with anchovies & chili.

Black bean soup.

Occasional brown rice for a good fiber meal.

Stir fry cabbage.

Stir fry cauliflower with anchovies, mushroom & onions.

Salted black bean fish.

Noodles with dried oyster, green vegetables and chicken.

This is the first time I tried this raw dates. It is sour and disgusting when you first bite it but as you chew, it is taste quite sweet.


  1. Wow. Your mom sure know how to cook

  2. It is easy to prepare food these dish. The key word is prepare one dish with vege & meat = nutritious.



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