Friday, September 25, 2009

Restaurant Imperial @ Bukit Tinggi, Klang

I was invited to a wedding dinner of my ex-colleague. The restaurant is quite near to my house and quite easy to go there. Other than a wedding dinner, it is a reunion dinner for me. We laugh & update each other about our whereabout after we seperated. Anyway, it was a fun affair and we do enjoy the bunch of company there. I knew this restaurant from another food blogger who blog about the nice dim sum here. I always wanted to try their dim sum here but until now I have yet to try their dim sum.

Taste:7/10(Moderate. Taste wise the food is moderate and the presentation of the dish is just ok).


We start of with tidbits. You know the tradition. The dinner won't start at least one hour later from the stated time.

First dish.

Second dish. Chicken soup.

Third dish. Steamed white promfet with soy sauce.

Forth dish. Fried sour & spicy prawn.

Fifth dish. Roasted duck & piglet.

Sixth dish. Mushroom & dried bean curd.

Seventh dish. Lotus leaf rice.

Eighth dish. Sweet dessert.

Ninth dish. Winter melon dessert with red dates.

Restaurant Imperial.

If you wish to come, here is the address... It is just at opposite road along the AEON Bukit Tinggi shopping complex, Klang.


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