Monday, September 28, 2009

Tony Roma @ Fremont Street, Las Vegas

Me and my friend came here for dinner expecting something special with cheap lobster in Las Vegas. But the meal turn out to be not that good. Seems like Las Vegas is bad in food.

Taste:5/10(The lobster saved this meal. The lobster is good and well done. The beef is rather hard and rubbery. Potato is tasteless and blend. Good looking meal but not turn out to be good).
Price:8/10(Cheap. This is a promotion meal. You can get it after 9.00pm. At 12 USD, it is one of the best value. However because of the bad beef, making this meal not worth for money).

Coordinate/GPS: 36.170585,-115.14391
Address: 200 East Fremont Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101


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