Saturday, September 26, 2009

US Trip Food Galore (Park City - Las Vegas - San Francisco)

It has been some time that I didn't blog about food. This is food blog anyway. I have shared my US travel and now I would like to continue to blog on the food there. Overall the food in US is not as good if compared to Malaysia. The food choices there is quite limited and the taste is rather blend. For me, the food here is expensive if taken into account of our exchange rate of USD 1 to RM3.40. Each meal here cost around USD 8-20 (equal to RM28-RM70) depending on what & where you eat. Plus tipping, around USD 1-2.

Vietnamese food at Little Saigon (Park City, Utah-Dinner)
Taste:7/10(The chicken meat in the glass noodles if rather blend and the meat is over cooked. However, other dishes is quite ok).
Price: Around USD 6-16 per meal.

Deep fry spring roll & Non-fry spring roll. The taste is fantastic.

The spring roll is nicely done with prawn, rice vercimili, vegetables & transparent wrap. Dip with peanut sauce and carrot sour sauce.

Glass noodle with chicken meat. The chicken meat is too much and not salty enough!

Beef noodles.

Bajio (Park City, Utah-Dinner)-CLOSED
Mexican style fast food restaurant.
Taste:7/10(The sweet pork is good. The rice and the chips is rather normal).
Price:USD 5-10 per meal.

I forgot all the food name. This is mixture of spicy rice, baked beans, tomato and chacho chips.

With sweet pork version.

Vegetarian version.

Sponsored lunch pack from conference (Park City, Utah-Lunch)
We take away the lunch pack for our breakfast the next day.
Taste:8/10(The sandwiches is quite good. I love the biscuits provided).
Price: Free.

Cute package with lunch set inside. Delicious sandwich of choice - ham, turkey, bacon & vegetarian, pasta, apple & biscuits.

Bacon & ham sandwich.

Nutritious pasta.

There is no chili sauce here. Mayonnaise, mustard(I hate it) & tomato sauce.

Tony Roma (Fremont Street outlet, Las Vegas, Nevada-Dinner)
Taste:5/10(The lobster saved this meal. The lobster is good and well done. The beef is rather hard and rubbery. Potato is tasteless and blend. Good looking meal but not turn out to be good).
Price:This is a promotion meal. At 12 USD, it is one of the best value. However because of the bad beef, making this meal not worth for money).

Lobster, beef, potato and some mixed vegetables.

Grand Canyon Railway Station(Near Grand Canyon, Arizona-Lunch)
Taste:6/10(The food is just so-so).
Price:The food is included in the Grand Canyon tour package.

Buffet style food.

Japanese Bento Set-Can't recall the restaurant name (San Francisco, California-Dinner)
Price:Around USD 18. First time testing hot sake. Smell fragrant.

Bento set.

Hot sake.

Shell fish combo-At Fisherman's Wharf (San Francisco, California-Lunch)
Taste:9/10(Seafood lover must try this. You can taste the steamed prawn & crab original taste this way).
Price:USD 8.50 per pack.

This prawn & crab meat mixture is delicious.

Many selection for you to choose from.

Hooters (San Francisco, California-Lunch)
Taste:6/10(Not too sure what to order but the food turn out to be so-so. Heard that their best menu is buffalo wings. Didn't try that. They salad is not enough mayo and not enough oil. As you may know, Hooters major attraction is their ladies waitress).
Price:On par with most fast food restaurant.

Fries with baked bean.

Ceasar Salad.

Japanese Food at Japanese Town (San Francisco, California-Dinner)

Beef noodle.

Bento set.


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