Friday, October 16, 2009

Malaysia Airlines 18 Hours Flight (Economy class)

I believe the Malaysia Airlines from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Los Angeles is the longest flight operated by them. I have the opportunity to board the flight and find that the service is good and the food served is not bad and they also serve wine. Although I am entitle for business class but the plane is quite full on that day. So I take the economy class instead. The economy class is actually quite ok. The cabin crews deserved to win their yearly best cabin crew category. They are helpful, smile without fail & able to take care disabled passenger well. I still enjoy the small tv with multiple music channels. The flight lasted 18 hours with one transit point in Taipei.

Food:7/10(Moderate. The food quality is ok and the food is sufficient. However, there should have another snack session as the dinner after departs from Taiwan to the lunch when reaching Los Angeles is too long. Passengers who does not sleep will feel hungry during that time.)

Inflight entertainment.

Fish with baked potato and carrot. It is a three course meal.

Chicken mushroom rice with carrot & vegetables.

Garlic ginger chicken with pasta.

Same chicken garlic & ginger with different fruits and dessert.

Waiting for the super far destination to arrive.

Travelled more than 9000km.

Looks like going to Vancouver is nearer.

Airport internal bus. Ferrying from Tom Bradley terminal to US immigration building.

AA aircraft.

LAX International Airport. Will post more photos after this... Amazingly, one airplane departs every minutes!



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