Sunday, November 29, 2009

Malaysia Airlines 21 hours flight Los Angeles to Kuala Lumpur (Business Class)

I am quite lucky to be able to come back to Malaysia via MAS business class. Business class for LAX-KUL is hard to get because the flight is frequently full. But because of more than 4 passengers no show on that day, I am able to get the seat. Since I went to Los Angeles by economy class, I am able to tell you the difference.
The main difference would be the seats. Business class seat is of course larger and with controls to adjust the seat. The seat can be transformed into bed if necessary. Not like in economy class, you need to consider the person who sits behind you when you want to adjust your seat lower.
Another difference would be on the food. On business class, there are many food selection for each meals and the portion is bigger. The flight stewardess will stuff you with lots of food so that you can fall asleep easier :-)
The third difference would be the environment. The environment is more quiet and the lightning is individually controlled. The space is larger so you have extra leg room. You will also get faster response from the flight stewardess as well. In my opinion, the flight stewardess provide excellent service on both business & economy class.

Menu book.

Malaysian satay. Taste good.

Seared Ahi tuna.

Lemon chicken tajine. I am not used to Bulghur wheat salad.

Midnight snack.

Light snack.Muesli, fruit juice and fruits.

Breakfast. Filled fresh crepe with scrambled eggs.

Light meal after transit from Taiwan.

Nasi lemak.

Outside view.


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