Sunday, November 21, 2010

Park City, Utah - snowing - 2010

I am quite lucky this year to be able to experience my first snow in my life. The snow in Park City is fluffy, soft & dry. This makes this place a perfect world class ski resort. Some even claims that Park City have the "Greatest snow on earth!" According to the locals, the snow that we experience when we arrived, is the first snow of the year. It was autumn during that time. During winter, this place will be crowded with visitors from around the world and the hotel rate could increase up to triple that what we had. Great scenery, cold weather, located remotely up the mountain & good food makes this place a perfect getaway destination. Snow is fun to play with especially if you have the proper clothing & equipment. Everyone has to be very careful especially when walking or driving during snowing as the path/road is slippery & poor visibility. Last year during this period, Park City is still sunny but with windy cold weather. The only pain of coming to this place is flight that one have to endure (24 hours plus transit).

Colourful landscape before snowing.

View towards swimming pool on our hotel.

Icy road.

Walking to bus stop.

Fun playing with snow.

Nice feeling. Seems Christmas is near.

Red Toyota car with white hill as background.

Path leading to bus stop.

Winter olympics 2002 venue.

Snowing heavily in historical Main Street.

My bag with snow.

4-6 inch snow on that day.

A truck start cleaning the road.

Shopping at factory outlet. Good bargain compared to the same stuff in Malaysia.

The Canyon resort view.

Looks like the owner will have hard time to clean the car from snow.

Creepy talking mummy in Westgate hotel.

Snowy night.

On the way to Salt Lake City airport.


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