Monday, November 22, 2010

Self Tour in Los Angeles (Day 1)

I am quite satisfied with the trip to Los Angeles this year. Being a tour guide for my colleagues for a one day trip in Los Angeles turn out to be quite organized. I am glad that all the destinations planned for one & half day in Los Angeles are achieved and I am able to accomplish the Griffith observatory visit this year as I not able to do it last year. The food that we tried also quite good although I just choose the shop based on my instinct & tour book review.


Kodak Theatre. Academy Award(Oscar) venue.

Hollywood Highland. A highend shopping complex with the lastest trend and design of fashion items.

A lady posing on the red carpet in Kodak Theatre.

Street performance on Walk of fame. Those performers can collect quite a sum in a day.

Madame Tussauds.

Hello Kitty Swatch collection.

iFly in Universal Studio City Walk.

You can buy M&M's in any colour you like.

Universal Studio

Photo session with Universal Studio globe.

Main enterance.

Universal Studio City Walk. Houses all the American branded shops.

The visit is not complete without this photo.

To be continued...


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