Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Marina Bay & Suntec @ Singapore

Singapore is a city-state in Southeast Asia. Founded as a British trading colony in 1819, since independence it has become one of the world's most prosperous countries and has the world's busiest port. Combining the skyscrapers and modern subways, with good shopping and a vibrant nightlife scene, this Garden City makes a great holiday destination.

My 4 days 3 nights to Singapore start off from Subang Airport. My friend & I took the 8.00am Firefly flight from Subang Airport and reached Changi Budget Terminal 1 hour & 10 minutes later.

Waiting for take off.

As soon we reached Singapore, we headed to a friend's HDB apartment where we staying to put our things first. Then from there, we took MRT to Esplande station for SunTec shopping complex. The main attraction there were the Fountain of wealth & the five buildings which represent five fingers.

Taking free shuttle bus to terminal 2 from Budget Terminal. Terminal 2 has MRT station near-by.

Wonderful view of HDB flats.

I can see that Singapore is totally different compared to Malaysia. Efficient & clean. Their MRT service really amazed me. Don't worry if the train is full and you have to wait for the next train. You only need to wait for 3 minutes for the next train. Plus their train can carry many passengers compared to our pathetic Monorail which can just carry less than 100 people at any one time. Wondering how come our ministers need to visit Brazil few years back when they have a perfect example of good MRT service next door. I also like the MRT station escalator speed. Its fast and suit my tempo.

Interactive MRT station map. It blinks the next station. It also tells you which door will it open.

Again, clean although fully utilized. First world infrastructure and first world mentality. Plus of course, strict enforcement.


The fountain of wealth when its idle.

The area quite large. My camera can't capture all 5 buildings.

Singapore Ducktour.

City sightseeing bus tour.

The fountain during day time.

Marina Bay Sands
After the museum visit, we headed to

The skyline of Marina Bay Sands. Saw the lotus like figure? It is Marina Bay Sands museum! Maybe open in 2011 since the construction is such a hurry with multiple cranes trying hard to complete it.

Marina Bay shopping mall. The glass architecture is beautiful and also fully utilize the natural lightning.

The Casino.

The famous three tower from bottom. Its Marina Bay Sands hotel.

Inside Marina Bay Sands hotel.

Ticket to Skypark (top of Marina Bay Sands hotel). Admission fee is SGD 20.

Singapore skyline from the top. The weather is cloudy and raining on that day.

Singapore Esplanade.

F1 stand.

Singapore Flyer. May not worth to visit now after Skypark @ Marina Bay Sands hotel open to the public. The Singapore Flyer ride is expensive at SGD 30 for 30 minutes.

The famous Skypark swimming pool.

Marina Bay Sands shopping mall at night.

The sampan boat ride. Like river Venice ride.

Night view of Singapore skyline.

The Helix (bridge between Promenade MRT and Marina Bay Sands) at night.

Suntec at night

Christmas magic. Great lightning effect.

The water pouring effect.

Fantastic laser water fountain display.

After watching the fountain display (fountain of wealth) we went to quick dinner in Suntec food court. I had my Hainainse chicken rice there. That's all for our first day in Singapore.


  1. Why you go back to Suntec afternoon and night one? HOw much you stay in Singapore per night oh?

  2. We went to Suntec to try out the Muthu's Curry and to take picture around there. Later we found out at night got the colourful water fountain, then we go back there again at night. I stayed at friend's house.



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