Monday, April 4, 2011

Historical Sites in Macau

Macau is such a unique place. On one side, you can visit all the historical sites and on another side you can visit all the Casinos. Located across the Pearl River estuary from Hong Kong, until 1999 Macau was an overseas territory of Portugal.

Sedano Square. The most colourful place in Macau.

A must visit place in Macau. Ruins of St Paul. This is Macau icon and maybe the most photographed historic building in Macau. Behind the facade is the Museum of Sacred Art and Crypt, which occupies the chancel of the church, contains archaeological excavations of the site and also exhibits and paintings on early Christian life in the East. The crypt contains the remains of martyrs of Christians killed in the 17th century.

Santa Casa church.

St. Dominic's Church. Largo de Sao Domingos - The pastel-coloured church was founded in 1587 by Spanish Dominican priests.

Inside the church.

Long queue to buy the street food.

Portuguese Egg Tart.

Crispy on the outside.

So packed. It was Sunday!

A must by souvenir from Macau. Koi Kei Pastelaria.

Koi Kei handmade almond cookies.


  1. NIce oh Macao? I found MAcao to be a better place if compared to HK. MOre historical building lo.

  2. Macao is more colourful. HK got many nice view. Their scenery & city planning follows feng shui.



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