Sunday, May 15, 2011

i-city @ Shah Alam, Selangor

This is my fourth time being here in i-city. This time, I am bringing my vendor from Philippines to visit this unique light city. Each time I come here, there is always a latest addition. First they added a large screen when World Cup 2010 football fever at that time. Then there is some sort of festival and market selling many light toy and decoration. Finally now they have reptile exhibition and Snowalk. To enter Snowalk, visitors are required to pay RM25 per entrance. In a country which never had snow, it is a good attraction here especially for the kids. The first time I was here, there is no admission/parking fees for car but now they charged MYR10 per car.
It's more commercialized now compared to when its first started.

Colourful trees.


Thousands of LED light bulbs.

Beautiful park and reason to come here at night.

The companies over here are all MSC status.

Children play ground.

Orange area.

Snowalk. Latest attraction. Its just a large freezer with a few decorated items inside.

Fairy horses at the Snowalk enterance.

Kids like it much. Wow its snow, so cold and nice.

Reptile show which have a large albino snake show.

Beautiful lights of i-city.

Many photographer like to capture the scenery here.


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