Thursday, May 12, 2011

Koi Kei Pastelaria @ Macau

I am trying to clear all my backlogs. Another entry from my Hong Kong trip. Koi Kei is a famous brand selling biscuit and candy in Macau. Nearly everyone who visit Macau will buy they tasty cookies to bring home. I love their almond cookies very much and it has chunk of small almond inside which prove its originality. Unlike other almond biscuit which contain a lot of flavoring, I can say that this cookies is natural. Besides the original almond cookies, they have many varieties such as hand made almond cookies, black sesame version and even meat floss version.

Taste:9/10(Delicious. Do try their black sesame version of almond cookie. It's better than the plain version).
Price:5/10(Near Expensive. Their biscuit is not cheap considering that Macau is a tourist destination. A box containing 12 pieces of biscuit cost around MYR15. However, its good and original).

The shop is very packed during weekend. Koi Kei have many outlets around Macau & Hong Kong.

Original version of cookies. Mini almond cookies.

White sesame peanut candies.

This is how the candy look like. White sesame peanut candy.

Address: Located around Macau & Hong Kong.
There is 2 outlets near Ruins of St Paul in Macau. If you missed that in Macau, you can also get it in Hong Kong near Mong Kok.


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