Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hotel Del Coronado @ Coronado Island, San Diego

Hotel Del Coronado also known as The Del is a famous luxurious in the World and it is a few survival example of American genre architecture building. It is one of the National Historic Landmark in the United States. During the opening in 1888, it was the largest wooden hotel in the world and many presidents, royalties and celebrities had stayed in this hotel. The hotel is also a famous venue for film shooting and wedding event.

Getting to this hotel is quite easy. All you have to do is to take bus number 901 from Downtown San Diego. The bus will cross the scenic Coronado bridge and made a few stop before reaching the hotel.

This dragon tree is very unique.

Read more about this tree. Marilyn Monroe movie "Some Like It Hot" was filmed here.

The famous building design.

Sunny day at their pool.

Sunset view of the building.

Sunset view of the pool.

Me with the hotel.

Public transport: From Downtown San Diego, take bus 904 (Metropolitan Transport System - MTS) towards Hotel Del Coronado.

1500 Orange Avenue
Coronado, California


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