Saturday, September 10, 2011

Trip to USA via Malaysia Airlines (Taipei to Los Angeles)

Transit in Taipei:
This year, the renovation in Taipei airport has completed. There are a few things which catches my attention here. Looks like Taiwanese are very creative.

Hello Kitty concept store.

A simple art gallery.

All in one prayer room. All the prayer room is nicely decorated and well kept.

Buddist prayer room.

Muslim prayer room.

Christian prayer room.

Flower exhibition. Orchid.

The London look alike telephone booth is still there.

Hello Kitty departure hall.

Special Hello Kitty chairs.

Nicely decorated liquor shop.

Do guess, what is this "Made in Taiwan" wording consist of?

It was made by computer circuits.

In flight from Taipei to Los Angeles.

Sour cocktail. I think this is better cocktail as it is sweet with some lemon and whiskey.

Hot smoked salmon and marinated scallop with salad and tartare sauce.

Vegetable bread.

Lamb stew with fettuccine pasta in pesto sauce and buttered red capsicum. Delicious.

Danish bun.

Finally reached Los Angeles.

American Airlines.

Waiting for shuttle bus to go to hotel.


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