Thursday, October 20, 2011

Malaysia Airlines - Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo (Narita)

I can't deny that during this 3 months, I really travel mad. Not because of work but more on leisure. I usually don't like to travel much but seems like opportunities are there, why not just grab the chance? Some more my hands is itchy enough to always typing on my laptop and looking for places to visit. After my US trip, I suddenly have the urge to continue with another trip. Thought it will end in Korea but hand still itchy to plan for the next trip which is Japan. While my interest to plan for trip is still there and I still have the spirit to walk, I think I better do it. Just do it!

After my US trip, I found that I am quite good in city trip planning and do budgeting. Basically I won't spend much on the hotel/hostel that I stay but the top priority is the place that I stay is clean, safe, with WIFI access and quiet for sleeping. I won't mind that the place is small or a bit far from the centre of attractions.

Now I want to share my flight experience with Malaysia Airlines flying from Kuala Lumpur to Narita Airport. The journey takes almost 7 hours. I am quite happy with the flight schedules as I departs from Kuala Lumpur nearly midnight time and reached there early in the morning. So I save 1 day of hotel stay.

The food is similar to the food on flight to Seoul, South Korea.

Breakfast set. I choose nasi lemak as it can sustain me from from hunger :-P

I still like the nasi lemak.

Finally after nearly 7 hours flight. I reached Narita Airport.

Japan Airlines plane.

Reached inside Narita Airport Terminal 2.

This is how Narita Airport look like.


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