Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fresh raw fish sushi kaiten belt style @ Shinjuku, Tokyo

My first night in Tokyo I went to this kaiten belt sushi restaurant. The service in this restaurant is good and more surprisingly the price of sushi in this restaurant is very reasonable. Some of it even cheaper than Malaysia. In Tokyo, sushi mostly consist of fish and other types of seafood. The only non fish sushi that I see is tamago (egg slice sushi). I found this restaurant via a recommendation from a blog from Singapore.

Taste:9/10(Delicious. Fresh and good sushi).
Price:6/10(Moderate. The sushi shown below total is around 1000 Yen. Very reasonable price considering the shop location and good quality).

Sushi go-round restaurant. I not able to tell where is the location but it is located the area around Yoshiboshi camera store and Shinjuku Post Office.

Minced fish meat sushi. Price as shown on the plate.

Squid sushi.

The chef is busy preparing sushi and entertain customers. Very impressive that they greet each customer who come in and thank them when they left the shop. The shop gets very crowded around 8.00pm. Do make sure to come here early if you would like to get a seat.

Fish meat sushi.



Better part of salmon. I can't remember which part was it.

Chawan mushi.

Its ankimo (monk fish liver).

Unique tap to get my hot water to make green tea drink.

GPS: 35.688666, 139.697468.
Address: Near Shinjuku post office, Tokyo.


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