Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hakone Free Pass - Sounzan to Togendai via Owakudani - black eggs (part 4 of 7)

The journey from Sounzan to Togendai is via Hakone Ropeway. This is the best part of the Hakone trip. Before reaching Togendai, you will need a transfer of Ropeway at Owakudani. Mount Fuji can be clearly seen from here and visitors can also enjoy the volcanic activities. The whole journey by Hakone Ropeway from Sounzan to Togendai takes around 30 minutes if you don't stop by Owakudani. You must stop by Owakudani to enjoy this Hakone trip!

Hakone Ropeway. This cable car served the highest number of passengers in the world. Although the number of visitors are many but this cable car service is very frequent and its non-stop.

Volcanic activities near Owakudani.

Scenery along the Hakone Ropeway.

Reached Owakudani.

Spotted cute dog at Owakudani.

Mount Fuji is a very shy mountain. Always hide behind the clouds.

While waiting for better view of Mount Fuji, lets watch the preparation of black eggs. You can see that the eggs are white before the worker put the eggs into the hot volcanic water.

The eggs are all turn into black colour! The colour change is due to the egg shell chemical reaction with the volcanic water which contains sulphur.

The whole area is full of rotten eggs smell (sulphur). Really salute to the workers who can withstand the smell all day long. Some more, the smell is actually bad for health if stay for too long and people who are asthmatic, are not recommended to come here.

Visitors looking at the making of black eggs.

My portion of black eggs. I am thinking of buying just two. But it comes with minimum of 5 eggs. The eggs are not cheap though. Five eggs cost me 500 Yen (MYR20).

The black egg.

See. Its just a normal looking egg. However according to legend, consuming the eggs is said to increase longevity. Eating one is said to add seven years to your life. You may eat up to two and a half for up to seventeen and a half years. It is not advised to take three egg, but I already consumed all five.

Look at the egg yoke.

Can see Mount Fuji now. Lucky that the weather forecast is correct.

Using my longest camera lens. Max zoom to the peak of Mount Fuji.

Hakone Ropeway with Mount Fuji as background.

Time to go to Togendai heading towards Lake Ashi.

Reached Togendai. Can't wait to board these pirate looking ships.


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