Thursday, November 10, 2011

Malaysia Airlines - Tokyo (Narita) to Kuala Lumpur (Economy Class)

I actually wondered what they going to serve me on this flight. Sushi maybe? I hope so. But it turns out, they just giving noodles. But don't look down on this noodles. It taste quite good. It is something like flour noodles soaked in soy sauce. Other than that, they also provide rice with some vegetables (broccoli and carrot).

Taste:8/10(Good. Overall the food in this flight is good. I got sweet, salty and sour taste in the meal).

This is the flour noodles that I am talking about. Topped with seaweed and soaked in Japanese soy sauce.

My whole meal set.

Seafood salad with potato.

The rice with vegetables meal.

This is second meal as tea time. Onigiri and MilkyWay chocolate bar.


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