Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rock N Roll at Yoyogi Park @ Tokyo

Yoyogi Park is the best place to go in Tokyo to view the Harajuku styled costume. Be sure to visit this place on sunday where you can view all sorts of activities by the local Japanese. The parks are the places for club meetings and practice sessions and even play rehearsals. Yoyogi draws all sorts of talent, from horn players to hip-hop dancers to rockabilly gangs. There are Elvis-inspired pompadours, who usually gather by the park's east side entrance on Sundays to jam to American pop music from the '50s. Nearby Yoyogi park, there is Harajuku bridge which always gathered together Gothic Lolitas and Cosplay kids especially on sunday.

Elvis inspired pompadours with their leather jackets.

Enjoyable performance.

They even have lady member.


Street food near the entrance of Yoyogi park located just beside Harajuku station.

Purchased takoyaki while enjoying street performance.

Coordinate/GPS: 35.66997,139.701312
Address: Yoyogi park, Shibuya-ku, Toyko, Japan. Located just beside the entrance of Meiji Shrine.
Admission: Free
Tokyo public transport: JR Yamanote line to Harajuku or Omotesando exit. Or you may take the Chiyoda line to Yoyogi-koen on exit 4.


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