Monday, July 16, 2012

Second trip to Tokyo

In my opinion, Tokyo, Japan is the most interesting city to visit on earth. I have been there in Nov 2011 and this year in June 2012, I went there again. Of course when going to Tokyo in June which is on summer season is not as interesting compared to going in the autumn month. Anyway, Malaysian like to visit all those 4 seasons countries because our weather is too hot. The main advantage of going in summer is that you can get cheaper items. The cheaper price doesn't mean its cheaper else where. Its because the item you can't get elsewhere in the world and its make more sense to buy there. It hard to find bargain in this most expensive city in the world. Anyway, it worth the effort to apply for visa and money to visit Tokyo :-)

Salad bun as supper provided by Malaysia Airlines.

My nasi lemak meal as breakfast by Malaysia Airlines.

Waiting for train heading to Ueno on Keisei main line. This is the cheapest option from Narita Airport to Tokyo city centre.

The train is coming. More entries soon...


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