Sunday, July 29, 2012

Soba noodles @ Ameyoko, Tokyo

This is the first time that I purchase food using the vending machine which is popular in Tokyo. First you choose the food that you wanted. This is the most difficult part for me as I can't read Japanese. There is a picture of soba display outside the shop. I look at it and remember the wording. Then I enter the shop and match the wording with the wording on the button to choose the correct meal that I want :-) Then I put my coins in. After that, you will get a ticket. You need to pass the ticket to the kitchen counter for the chef to prepare the meal. Once, ready, they will call you. Nice concept, its nice, fast and cheap.

Taste:8/10(Delicious. The soup is nice and they provide fragrant sesame. I love sesame so I put some and mixed it with the soba noodles. Overall its recommended).
Price:6/10(Moderate. The meal priced at 390 Yen or equallent to MYR16.00 or USD5.00).

Good cold soba.

Take the soba noodles and mixed it with sesame.

The customers are enjoying their food.

The vending machine.

This is how the shop look like from outside.

Tokyo metro: Ueno station. The shop is located inside Ameyoko shopping street.
Coordinate: 35.70859,139.773966 (approximate).


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