Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sushi Zanmai @ Tsukiji Market, Tokyo

Tsukiji market area is always crowded with tourist and visitors who wanted to try their fresh sushi in the morning. The fishes still haven't touch the freezer yet. However, the tourist restaurant like Sushi Dai or Daiwa Sushi in Tsukiji means that you have to wait for hours outside before you can get a seat inside the restaurant. Many people come here because they can get among the best sushi in the world at a reasonable price compared to in Ginza. Here, the premium set of sushi cost around 3,000 Yen (MYR120) but in Ginza, it would probably cost at least 10,000 Yen (MYR400). I wish I can try Sushi Dai but I don't prefer to wait at the long queue.

Finally, I decided to look around Tsukiji market for other options. Then I notice that there are two Sushi Zanmai restaurant there. One is more up scale and while the other is more tourist friendly on kaiten belt. Do go for the up scale one. The kaiten belt sushi is not so fresh. I begin to wonder why their have same restaurant but two different concept there. The kaiten belt version is not cheap either.

Taste:10/10(Excellent. Really fresh sushi and the taste is balanced. Try it to know it).
Price:3/10(Expensive. Although the price is on the high side, but it worth it. Twelve pieces of premium sushi below priced at 3150 Yen (MYR126)).

Really good sushi. Included here is broiled high quality sea eel which is very delicious.

This is first time I tasted raw prawn. Its so creamy and juicy!

Crab claw. Priced at 418 Yen (MYR17). This is very good. Super creamy and succulent.

To get fresh ikura, it must be crystal clear. All the fish type sushi here are from fatty type of fish. Also the first time I tasted chive buds sushi (green). Tamago - sweet omelette and my favourite sea urchin.

Shishamo also known as fried smelt usually full with roe.

Full with roe. Its delicious!

Friendly and skilled chefs.

This is a three storey high restaurant. Begins pack with people as nearly lunch time.

Make sure you come to this Sushi Zanmai restaurant.

Don't come to this tourist targeted Sushi Zanmai restaurant. Its kaiten belt but the sushi don't seems to make on the spot and not so fresh. I actually already seated in this restaurant but when I looked at the sushi, I lost my appetite. Not worth to come to this restaurant. Do make sure you visit the main Sushi Zanmai shop which is 3 storey high in Tsukiji

Metro: Tokyo Metro Tsukiji station or Toei Tsukijishiro station.
Coordinate/GPS: 35.665919,139.770531
Address: 11-9 Tsukiji (near Shin-Ohashi-dori/Harumi-dori crossing), Tokyo.


  1. You happiness guy can eat the truly sushi in Japan and when I focus on the color of it, i really feel hungry about that!

  2. Hi, I was now twice at the Zanmai you call "tourist targeted". It was full with japanese people, the sushi were absolutely outstanding, superbly fresh, just prepared in front of you. I can not be better.
    I can only recommend it.


    1. Yeah, I missed the place. The sushi is so fresh and delicious.

  3. I have been there too, and yeah, their foods are amazing. did you try the miso soup? i think that's the best miso soup i ever had in my life.

    1. Yes, I tried their miso soup in their Akihabara branch. The soup were great.



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