Tuesday, July 24, 2012

TFOA figures in Tokyu Hands Ikebukuro, Tokyo

In Japan, manga industry is a huge industry and there are many readers as well. One of the particular figures which caught my attention is TFOA (The Front of Armament). TFOA according to the manga series is one of Seven Motorcycle gangs found in the city and one of The Four Powers. A tight-knit group that prioritizes brotherhood over mere numbers, they never use backhanded means when fighting, because they consider that cowardly. Although small in number, they are still widely regarded as a force to be reckoned with.

The figures were moulded in detail and looks so real. The characters in leather jacket looks so cool. Although the price of this anime figures is not cheap, there are still a lot of fan outside there who willing to spend thousands on these.

The character "crows x worst" moulded like real stuff. What a genuine gangster looks!

Amazingly detail. No wonder leather jacket sells so well in Japan. All because of manga influence of Japanese lifestyle.

One of these cost at least 3950 Yen or MYR160.

Looks so cool.

Come here. Tokyu Hands Ikebukuro.

GPS/Coordinate: 35.729831, 139.716450
Tokyo metro: Ikebukuro Station. Walk towards Sunshine city. Tokyu Hands Ikebukuro located just beside entrance to Sunshine city.


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