Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ay-Chung flour rice noodles @ Ximending, Taipei

This eatery only serves their signature flour rice noodles & does not provide any tables. Only chairs are provided. Most of the people just eat here standing. You buy your share & just eat it there. Condiments like soy sauce, vinegar & pepper are available at the side. The dish is hot and great to eat it during night when the temperature is a bit chill. Despite the long queue, service is fast and surprisingly the price is cheap as well. This is a must try dish while you are in Ximending.

Taste:8/10(Delicious. The flour rice noodle taste is great as the soup is boiled using the dried bento flakes. Mixed it together with intestine makes the smell even better. You can add some pepper or vinegar to suit personal preference).
Price:8/10(Cheap. TWD45 for normal bowl of noodle and TWD60 for large bowl).

My bowl of flour rice noodles with lots of pig intestines. I am having normal bowl portion here as I am reserving some room to have other snacks. Taipei is indeed a snacks heaven.

This shop is very popular and usually long queue out side the shop. Look, everyone are having their own of green colour bowl outside the shop.

Very efficient and fast service. The staff are preparing the noodles for customers.

Address: No.8-1 Emei Street, Taipei, Taiwan (Wanhua District)
Coordinate/GPS: 25.043406,121.507581
Metro: Ximen station exit 6 towards Ximending pedestrian area. Around 5 minutes walk from the station.


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