Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kelantan river cruise @ Kota Bharu, Kelantan

One of the latest attraction in Kota Bharu nowadays is the Kelantan river cruise. The cruise departs from Medan Ikan Bakar(MIB) Kota Bharu. The cruise operated from 9.00am until 5.00pm of the day. The cruise includes trip to see the surroundings of Teluk Renjuna & Pulau Beluru. Besides that you have chance to view the making process of kuih kapit in Pulau Suri. What's more is that you can drink freshly picked coconut juice and taste nipa palm seed! The trip is well worth at MYR20 with boat ride to the destinations. This trip is recommended for those who is going to visit Kota Bharu.

First we get ticket from this shop. The service is provided by Masseroja Travel & Tour. The shop is located at lot G-25 in MIB complex.

There is our boat. The river water colour is appetizing though. Its like "teh tarik madu" colour.

Safety first. Wear life jacket.

Say cheese before the cruise.

The boat is quite new.

Bye bye MIB.

Selfie in the boat.

Children playing in the river.

Transporting coconut.

Scenic view of villages in Kelantan.

Lets try nipa palm seed. Locally its call buah nipah. Its tough to get the seed as the shell is quite thick.

Finally, have the seed.

Eat it. Sweet.

Having fresh coconut juice. Its refreshing.

Fishing village.

Very scenic view of villages with tall coconut trees.

Stop by at Kampung Pantai Suri.

The villages are rearing goats.

Cempedak. Its a kind of fruits.

Typical village house here.

You can even see sheep here.

We are coming to this house to see the making process of kuih kapit. Its a kind of savoury biscuit.

The traditional making of kuih kapit. Made from coconut, flour and egg.

View the making process of kuih kapit.

This is kuih kapit.

Buy. Its delicious.

Back to the jetty.

Boat is the main transport here.

GPS/Coordinate: 6.138154, 102.322175
Address: Lot G-25, Medan Ikan Bakar (MIB), Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
Price: MYR20 Ringgit per person for 2 hours cruise.


  1. Very interesting trip report and I would also like to experience. Is this tour company still operated?

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