Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Prepacked food from Yorma's Germany

Time is always precious when travelling. You will try to visit as many places as possible without a short time. Since, the weather in Germany is very hot during summer time, its wise to pack some food and fruits while travelling. In order not to waste time, I will use the travelling time in train for breakfast or lunch. Sitting in the train for two hours without doing anything is a bit waste of time. So you may use it to eat so that we reach the destination, you can straight start your exploration :-)

Herring filet bun. I like this.

Stay hydrated with fruits. The last thing that you want to get during travelling alone is getting sick.

Sweet cinnamon roll.

Chicken ham bun.

* You can find Yorma's in any major train stations in Germany. It has more outlets in Munich.


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