Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Boeing's aircraft factory tour @ Everett, Washington, USA

One of my highlight to Seattle is to visit Boeing aircraft factory in Everett, Washington. The factory located about 50 kilometre away from Downtown Seattle. Planning a visit to there is a bit tricky as there were no direct public transport to the factory. The cheapest option to get to the factory from Downtown Seattle is via bus. From Downtown Seattle, you need to take bus route 511 by Sound Transit to Ash Way which is the last stop of the bus. From Ash Way bus station, you need to take bus 113 by Community Transit to Mukilteo. Get off the bus at 84th Street & Highway #525. You have to walk two-third of a mile (around 1 kilometre) to reach the museum. Both journey on bus 511 & 113 takes around 1 hour 20 minutes and cost USD3.50 for while journey per way. About the two-third of a mile walk, please take note that this is uphill walk which may not be suitable for person with disability/elderly.

The Boeing factory in Everett which was completed in 1967 is the largest building in the world and they are producing 747s, 767s, 777s and the new 787 Dreamliner here. The building is so huge that it is known to form clouds inside the building on cold days! The building is so huge as the doors into the facility are about the size of a football field and they have tunnels and pathway to help workers to get from point A to B. In 1967, the building was build to accommodate 25 747s orders from Pan Am. At any point of time, they are able to accommodate 20-30 planes today.

The area is so huge that they need buses to bring visitors to their factory building. The whole tour takes around 90 minutes and I recommend to those who coming to Seattle to visit this place. Since photography is not allowed on Boeing factory tour, inside the factory pictures below were taken from online stock photos.

Going to see these!
Waiting for bus 511 on the 4th/Jackson in Downtown Seattle.

When you reached Ash Way, do transfer to bus 113 by Community Transit. Make a stop at Highway 525 on 84th street.

This is how it looks when I look back when walked half way up the hill in order to reach Future of Flight center.

Continue to walk uphill until you see this signboard at huge traffic intersection.

Walk into this building to have Boeing museum tour and purchase ticket.

Nice lobby with probably countries flags of Boeing customers.

I still have one hour before the visit to Boeing factory. Do use the time to visit Boeing museum first.

Aircraft turbine.

Cross section of the turbine Trent 1000.

The fuselage of Boeing 787. This is to show how big is the cross section of 787.

The new 787 is build using fully carbon composite material vs metal on the previous models.

Me with two Rolls-Royce turbine.

Boeing factory building from side.

Since the Dreamliner is made of composite materials, its skin doesn't have the same sea green colour that Boeing's metal aircraft wear before painting. From the picture, one of the aircrafts belong to Thai Airways.

Boeing 777 final body join position.

Boeing 777 factory area.

Finalizing the Dreamliner computer system.

Impressive to see all the planes lined up outside in their respective buyers colours, waiting to enter service all over the world. From this photo, there maybe around 40 aircraft line up to be collected by buyers.

Its obvious that this belongs to ANA of Japan.

Cathay Pacific aircraft waiting for delivery.

Super huge factory.

Not all the parts being building and constructed in this factory. Some of the parts were build in Japan, Italy, Kansas and South Carolina. In order to transfer the huge pieces of 787 components, they need to ship it using the Dream Lifter. Its a cargo aircraft.

Address: 8415 Paine Field Blvd Mukilteo, WA 98275
GPS/Coordinate: 47.92126,-122.290131
Opening hours: 8.30am until 5.30pm. Subject to season.
Entrance fee: USD20 for adult. USD18 if you book online.


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