Saturday, September 14, 2013

Disgusting Gum Wall @ Seattle

The Market Theater Gum Wall located under Pike Place Market on Post Alley is among the most disgusting attraction that I ever seen. There has been effort to clean up the wall twice but since this place become popular as tourist attraction in 1999, no cleaning up effort being done after that. The bubble gum sting is so strong when walking on the alley. The place were sticky, menthol smell and artful. There are even many couples having their wedding photos taken here. Its unique but weird.

Colourful bubble gum on the wall. So many of them.

So much bubble sticking on the wall.

Someone did a wedding proposal here.

The whole alley full of of these sticky bubble gum.

Behind me is Market Theater which is fully covered with bubble gum.

GPS/Coordinate: 47.608319,-122.340277


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