Friday, September 20, 2013

Langlitz Leathers @ Portland, Oregon

Langlitz leathers is originated from Portland, Oregon since 1947 with the slogan "Worlds finest motorcycle leathers". I visited their shop to check out their products. Their product prices is at high end side. Each leather jacket priced around USD900. But for that price, you get thick leather and good quality leather. Its more suitable for motorist for protection. Don't look at Langlitz if you are looking for good looking leather jacket as the jacket is too thick/heavy for styling and their jacket make you look fatter. I don't think you want to walk in shopping mall in Langlitz leather jacket.

What's weird here is that Langlitz are selling leather cleaner/moisturiser products containing silicone. Leather expert always advise us that we should not use leather products which contains silicone as it may harden the leather and make it stiffer which may dries up the leather. Anyway, its a complete opposite thinking in Langlitz leathers.

Langlitz leathers shop in Portland, Oregon.

Wow! So much leather in the shop.

Langlitz produce high quality and thick leather jacket. Good for protection.

Many designs.

Hanging motorcycle.

Many motorcycle related stickers.

GPS/Coordinate: 45.504957, -122.640328
Address: 2443 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202, United States
Public transport: Take bus no 4 heading to Gresham from Downtown Portland.


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