Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pho TNT @ Portland, Oregon

Visiting the famous Portland Saturday market and looking for place to have lunch. I found this restaurant within the vicinity and I want to have something soupy. Have a bowl of pho seems to be the right choice.

Taste:7/10(Moderate. The soup is a bit thin and the beef is in slice form which tend to be overcooked).
Price:8/10(Cheap. Portion are big and amount of meat given is generous portion. If I not mistaken, I paid USD7.00 for a big bowl of pho).

Pho TNT. What's an interesting name.

Simple restaurant.

Just want to have quick bowl of pho (beef noodles in soup).

GPS/Coordinate: 45.522233, -122.671714
Address: 120 SW Ankeny St Portland, OR 97204
Public transport: Skidmore Fountain MAX Station via Blue/Red line.


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